Intro to GplusE

GplusE: Genotype and Environment contributing to the sustainability of dairy cow production systems through the optimal integration of genomic selection and novel management protocols based on the development and exploitation of genomic data and supporting novel phenotyping approaches.

GplusE is an FP7 project funded by the European Union. It is a five-year project which began in January 2014 and is executed by 15 research and industry partners.

The end result of GplusE will be a comprehensive, integrated identification of genomic – phenotypic associations relevant to dairy production across Europe. This information will be translated into benefits for animal breeding and management that will considerably improve productivity, efficiency, animal health, welfare and fertility in an environmentally sustainable way. It will also increase biological understanding of the mechanisms by which genotype, environment and their interaction influence performance.

GplusE training schools: “New genomic and management tools for healthier dairy cows”


GplusE project organises two training schools: “New Genomic and management tools for healthier dairy cows”.  The schools will be held in Romania and Spain in October and November 2018.  Read more here.



GplusE Video


GplusE has produced a video to showcase the impact of the project on our daily lives. Watch the interesting video at this link.

2018 Annual Meeting in Billund, Denmark


The EU-supported research project GplusE held its annual meeting on March 22nd-23rd in Billund (Denmark). GplusE is in its fifth and final year and the discussion was focused on finalising the last studies, sharing on the last results and the best way to disseminate and implement the results. […]

UCD announces a new Bioinformatics Course 30th July – 10th August 2018

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University College Dublin, in conjunction with GPlusE project, announces a new certificate course in bioinformatics. The course will be held from 30th July to 10th August 2018.


GplusE article on HACCP in the Polish magazine Topagrar


he GplusE article “New concept to prevent health problems in the dairy sector” has been published in Polish, in the specialized online magazine Topagrar[…]

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