Intro to GplusE

GplusE: Genotype and Environment contributing to the sustainability of dairy cow production systems through the optimal integration of genomic selection and novel management protocols based on the development and exploitation of genomic data and supporting novel phenotyping approaches.

GplusE is an FP7 project funded by the European Union. It is a five-year project which began in January 2014 and was executed by 15 research and industry partners.

The GplusE project formally ended on 31st December 2018. The GplusE community is however still active in finalising, publishing and implementing the results. The present website will still be active and updated until the end of 2020, particularly:

Fitter Livestock Farming session – EAAP 70th Annual Meeting 2019


The 70th EAAP annual meeting will be held on 26th – 30th August 2019 in Ghent, Belgium. During this event, GplusE representatives will participate to a joint session with other five European projects (Feed-a-Gene, IMAGE, SAPHIR, SmartCow, GenTORE). This cluster, named Fitter Livestock Farming PG, aims to bring innovation to food and sustainable agriculture. The group is coordinated under the Common Dissemination Booster (CDB). […]

GplusE final conference at EAAP Annual Meeting in Ghent!


The final conference of GplusE project will take place  within the 70th EAAP Annual Meeting  in Ghent, Belgium.

The Conference will be held within session 66 « Impact of new precision phenotyping technologies on animal breeding » on 29th August 2019 from 14pm to 18pm and it will be co-chaired by Prof. Nicolas Gengler (University of Liège) and Prof. Alessio Cecchinato (University of Padua). […]

GplusE final brochure is online!


The GplusE final brochure describing the key results obtained by the GplusE project by the end of 2018 is now online and available in the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and Czech. Click on the following link to download the different brochures.

Presentations given in the training schools now available on YouTube


The presentations given in the training schools “New Genomic and management tools for healthier dairy cows” have been video recorded. Please click here to see them on YouTube!

Twenty-six trainees from 16 countries in the training school in Madrid!


Twenty-six trainees from 16 European countries attended the 2nd instance of the training school « New Genomic and management tools for healthier dairy cows” held in Madrid, Spain, on 27-29 November 2018. […]

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