GplusE project at the Conference ANALYTICA2018

Dr. Cinzia Marchitelli will talk about GplusE project at the 2nd Conference Analytica2018 to be held in Rome on 14th -15th March 2018. The event, sponzorized by RUMINANTIA a specializied web magazine, is aimed at: veterinary, livestock, breeding organizations, laboratories of the dairy industry and food processing, cheese factories, dairy industry and animal feed, manufacturers of reference materials and proficiency test systems inspectors quality, certification bodies and accreditation.

The program will focus on upgrading the determination of biomarkers in milk and monitoring programs of interest to:

  1. The Business Management(differential count of somatic cells and metabolic status of the animal);
  2. The Food Safety(antibiotic residues, contaminants, mycotoxins, markers for food fraud);
  3. Claim Nutritional(labeling, probiotics, lactose);
  4. The production and processing(dairy attitude).

Within these themes national and international speakers will present research programs and in the analytical field updates with MIR, NIR, flow cytometry, microscopy techniques, Microbiological Testing and much more. The insurance management quality for these new biomarkers will be one of the topics of greatest interest to ensure that innovative parameters can be standardized and used by the industry.

For more information see the programme or contact: Silvia Orlandini and Sara Fantini