HACCP Article

In the EU project GplusE scientists, farmer organizations and industry from 6 EU countries, the USA and China aim to optimize production efficiency, the environmental footprint and the health and welfare of dairy cows. One of the focus areas is the adaption of HACCP principles into a generic management practice that can be tested on ordinary dairy farms. An article on HACCP has been published in several languages and targets farmers and farm advisers.

English: New Concept to Prevent Health Problems in Dairy Sector. The Cattle Site, 2 October 2017.

Danish: Nyt koncept forebygger sundhedsproblemer I mælkeproduktionen. Magasinet Kvaeg, November 2017, 40-41.

Italian: Nuova strategia di management degli allevamenti da latte per prevenire problemi di salute della vacca. Ruminantia, January 2018.

Polish: Zapobieganie chorobom w stadzie bydła nie jest łatwym zadaniem. A gdyby tak zebrać i uporządkować wszystko, co dzieje się w oborze i hali udojowej i wyznaczyć alarmujące punkty? Topagrar, 3 October 2017.

Portuguese: Novo conceito para prevenir problemas de saúde no setor de produtos lácteos. The Dairy Site – Tradução Livre: Terra Viva, 2 October 2017.

Romanian: GplusE Consortium: Un nou concept pentru a preveni problemele de sănătate al vacilor de lapte. Meat.Milk, 21 September 2017.

Spanish: Un nuevo concepto para prevenir los problemas de salud en el sector lácteo. Análisis de Riesgos y Puntos de Control Críticos. Frisona Española, September-October 2017, 221, 86-88.