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Welcome to the GplusE training schools:

New genomic and management tools for healthier dairy cows

Two schools are organised, one in Romania, the other in Spain, with the same programme. You may register only for one school.

Please note that the deadlines are: 25th September 2018 (Romania) and 5th November 2018 (Spain)

16-17-18 October 2018
IBNA Balotesti, RomaniaClick here to register
27-28-29 November 2018
INIA Madrid, SpainClick here to register


Dairy production is a major sector of EU Agriculture and a critically important provider of high quality animal products. Dairy supply chains are currently facing numerous challenges including profitability for farmers, societal acceptability in relation to animal welfare, and environmental footprint particularly regarding methane production. Good health of high producing dairy cows is one of the major issues behind these various challenges. Indeed healthy cows are more efficient, cost less, produce healthier milk, reproduce more easily and enjoy better welfare.

High producing dairy cows need close individual management to ensure that their nutritional requirements are satisfactorily met on a daily basis to avoid metabolic imbalance that might affect performance, product quality and animal health and welfare.

Target audience: 

The GplusE training schools will provide scientists, teachers, veterinarians and dairy chain actors with new tools for a new approach of the selection and management of dairy cows. From infra red measurements performed in milk, it is possible to assess whether or not an individual animal is in a state of metabolic imbalance. These measurements can be used for associating health-related phenotypes to genotypes, resulting in new approaches for genetic selection. They can also be included in new animal management tools based on the HACCP concept.

The number of students is limited to 20, so early registration is recommended.

Fees: the registration is free and includes accommodation (2 nights), lunches, dinners, transfer hotel -venue-hotel and course material.

The detailed programmes will be available soon.

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