The GplusE project organised a session during the 2016 EAAP Annual Meeting in Belfast, UK, on 30th August. The title of the session was: “Novel milk-based phenotypes for use in breeding and management applications in dairy production”.

The session was chaired by Prof. Georg Thaller and Prof. Mark Crowe. EAAP Individual Members can access the following presentations on EAAP website:

  • Potential of milk MIR spectra to develop new health phenotypes for dairy cows in the GplusE project (A. Vanlierde, C. Grelet, N. Gengler, C. Ferris, M.T. Sorensen, J. Höglund, F. Carter, A. Santoro, K. Hermans, M. Hostens, P. Dardenne and F. Dehareng)
  • OptiMIR: Use of MIR spectra to predict multiple cow status as advisory tools for dairy farms (C. Grelet, N. Gengler, C. Bastin, A. Vanlierde, S. Smith, M. Gelé, H. Soyeurt, X. Massart, P. Dardenne and F. Dehareng)
  • Developing a bovine ketosis risk indicator using spectral analysis and animal phenotype data (S. Smith, V. Hicks, R. Cooper, J. Forrest, A. McRae and E. Wall)
  • Genetic and environmental effects on individual wavenumbers of bovine milk infrared spectra (Q. Wang, A. Hulzebosch and H. Bovenhuis)
  • Novel milk phenotypes based on a biological model of lactation (G.E. Pollott)
  • Prediction of sheep milk chemical composition using its pH, electrical conductivity and refraction (A.I. Gelasakis, R. Giannakou, A. Kominakis, G. Antonakos and G. Arsenos)
  • Milk mid-infrared spectral data as a useful tool to predict feed intake in dairy cows (S.E. Wallén, T.H.E. Meuwissen, S. McParland and D.P. Berry)
  • Going beyond current limits in defining and using milk infrared spectra based phenotypes (N. Gengler, H. Hammami and A. Lainé)

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